preliminary hearingsWhen someone is arrested they will be charged with a petty offense, misdemeanor or felony crime.

Petty offenses are often resolved by paying a ticket or a fee. Misdemeanor crimes involve standing before a judge.

However, when people commit felony crimes, they often need to attend preliminary hearings.

Preliminary hearings are held to determine whether or not there is enough evidence for the state to carry out a trial against a defendant. Both the prosecutor and the defendant’s attorney will have the opportunity to present their case before a judge, and it will be decided if there should be a trial.

It is very important that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you are arrested for a crime.

You will want to make sure that you have a defense attorney with you during the preliminary hearings. If your case involves any witnesses, they may be called upon to testify during the hearing.

The issue of whether or not you are guilty or innocent will not be addressed during the preliminary hearing. The hearing is for the sole purpose of determining whether or not the state has sufficient evidence for a case.

Your criminal defense attorney will cross-examine any witnesses who have given their testimony and will challenge the state’s evidence.

It is very important to hire a criminal defense attorney who has proven experience in the area with which you’ve been charged. Many times, a criminal defense attorney can present enough information to counteract the state’s case and have the charges dismissed before they could ever go to trial.

If you’ve been arrested and are facing criminal charges, you should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately and arrange for a free evaluation regarding your case.

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