Porcelain bathtub repair is no different than any other home improvement project.

If given the option, most of us would prefer to save the money and do the job ourselves.

But, porcelain bathtub repair might be best done by a professional.

The good news is, no matter whether you repair your porcelain bathtub yourself, or pay for a professional to refinish it for you, either option will be less expensive than purchasing a new tub and paying for delivery and installation.

There is the possibility that your tub may not actually be damaged at all.

Over the years, minerals and rust from pipes can stain your tub. There are numerous products available from your local hardware store to clean and remove ugly rust or lime stains.
Lime stains can be removed by placing salt on the lime deposit and covering it with a damp cloth. Come back after a few minutes and wipe the stain away. Try rubbing lemon on rust deposits to remove them. Some stains are more stubborn than others, but both are good options before running to the hardware store.

If you actually do have scratches or small chips in your porcelain, you can purchase a porcelain repair kit to match the color of your tub at almost any local hardware store. If you can’t match your tubs exact color, going a shade lighter will be less noticeable than going a shade darker.

Before you begin, make sure that the surface to be worked on has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Wiping the area down with rubbing alcohol after cleaning it should ensure that all dirt and debris is removed.

Follow the instructions on the repair kit to apply the porcelain paint. But, keep in mind; even if you do an exceptional repair job, it is almost impossible to make this type of repair look “like new.”

So, if you are selling your house or are otherwise concerned with aesthetics, call a professional refinisher.
It should be fairly easy to find a bathtub refinisher in your local area. Refinishers can repair chips or scratches, as well as resurface bathtub colors that are no longer in style.

The average refinishing project will cost several hundred dollars, but the cost will be far less expensive than purchasing and installing a new bathtub.

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