permanent residenceWhen foreigners and aliens are granted permanent residence they are entitled to the same rights and liberties as all United States citizens.

If a permanent resident faces discrimination in the areas of employment, housing, education, or health carbe ased upon their ethnicity, sex, religion, or their national origin they have the right to file a civil suit with the United States government.

If you have achieved permanent residency and have experienced discrimination in any area, you should speak with an attorney.

When you gain permanent residency, you have the right to move across the country freely and and live where you desire.

Not only do you have the right to live anywhere you choose; you can also apply for any job you choose.

As a permanent resident you are eligible for disability or retirement social security, as well as Medicaid, and Medicare benefits. In addition to these benefits you can also obtain a driver’s license.

Permanent residents are also eligible to serve in the United States military and reap the benefits after serving.

Also, once you have established your permanent residency you can apply for full citizenship.

If you have any questions regarding gaining your permanent residence status, consult with an experienced immigration attorney.