Lawyers are often portrayed by Hollywood as enjoying a lucrative and exciting career. We are obviously enthralled by the idea of law as a society; in fact, Law & Order was such a beloved television program, it aired for 20 years. But how accurate are television portrayals of lawyers and their careers?

Why We’re Asking:

We know that many bright, young college students are interested in pursuing their Juris Doctor–a graduate degree in law–but they may not know what they’re getting into. We are interested in learning a little bit more about the profession from seasoned lawyers. We suspect that there are many surprises to a career in law, which never get shown on television. We want to know both the glamorous and the less thrilling, more monotonous aspects of practicing law.

We look to our Legal Resources to learn more from their experiences:

Which parts of practicing law would surprise the public?

What should college students consider before pursuing their Doctor of Jurisprudence?

Why did you decide to practice law?

What is the most rewarding part of being a lawyer?

We look forward to our lawyers reflecting on the interesting careers they have built for themselves.

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