Electricians Toolbox logo Company Spotlight:
Every so often, eLocal will showcase a business that can be of additional value to its contractors.

This month we focus on Electricians Toolbox, an online resource page for electricians that features calculators, formulas, software, and useful electrical information.

Online Tools for Electricians: A resource for Professional Electrical Contractors

Electricians Toolbox is a portal for professionals to find useful electrical information. It hosts a variety of different features, including a discussion forum, definitions, formulas, downloads, and more. We will highlight some of its most useful features below. We encourage you to browse these tools, which may enhance your skill set.

Calculators: Electricians Toolbox hosts 14 different calculators, ranging from basic mathematical functions to specific uses, such as voltage drop, battery life, power conversion, and wire parameter calculators. There is also an Ohm’s Law calculator and simulator, which calculates currents and can add varying voltages to a circuit to simulate current flow.

Code Quizzes: These are great interactive features that allow electricians to test their knowledge of different electrical codes. The quizzes are based on the 2002 and the 1999 electrical codes and include a total of 10 multiple choice questions for each. Furthermore, visitors can suggest questions for future quizzes.

Downloads and Software: Typically, software costs hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, Electricians Toolbox has a variety of free downloads, with optional upgrades for a small fee. Professionals can create invoices, checks, and proposals with different software packages. There are even cost calculators and pricing systems available for download.

Reading Materials: Electricians Toolbox has a lot of useful resources for electricians looking to brush up on some of the basics. There is a definitions section that gives explanations of basic motor characteristics and electrical/lighting terms. In the tricks of the trade and useful info sections, Electricians Toolbox provides a multitude of articles to aid electricians, which include diagrams, standards, codes, and charts. There is even an electrical theory section that provides a brief history and basic background of pertinent electrical information.

For more information about Electricians Toolbox’s resources, visit www.elec-toolbox.com.