The first sign that there is something seriously wrong with a roof is that it leaks.

When a homeowner finds a leak, the first typical response is panic.

However, most times, a professional roofer can repair the damage without needing to totally and completely replace the roof.

The first line of defense is prevention. The best way to prevent roof replacement is to prevent the roof from becoming seriously damaged.

Develop a roof maintenance plan of having the roof regularly inspected for damage. This should be performed twice each year. It’s the best way to maintain the health of a roof.

If, during the inspection, a leak is found, chances are the roofer will be able to repair the leak without replacing the entire roof. The decision will be made based upon the source of the leak.

Don’t try to determine the source of a leak yourself.

Many homeowners have tried to save money by fixing the leaks themselves only to find that they never truly addressed the source of the problem. Over time, the problem grew until there was no way to repair the damage except to replace the entire roof.

An experienced roofer may have been able to locate the source of the leak and made a repair which would have spared the cost of a replacement.

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