When you have a problem with mosquitoes around the home, you want some type of mosquito control that will help eliminate the problem safely and allow you to sit outside without being bitten by the annoying insects. The first thing to think about is preventing them from becoming a nuisance. If you have standing water anywhere on your property, you need to remove it and take away the breeding ground. Fountains, ponds and pool water should be kept clean. Replace regular outdoor lights with yellow light bulbs and use a repellent when outdoors. You can do these things without contacting an exterminator.

If you are not having any luck with mosquito control. You may want to call a pest control company. There are pesticides and other methods for clearing your yard of mosquitoes that exterminators will use. It is not always advisable for people to use pesticides that they are not familiar with because it can be harmful to people and pets if not used correctly. Even after a pest control professional treats your yard for mosquitoes, pest management is needed to keep the pest away. This is important if you are going to have a mosquito free yard.

Exterminators will use products that are safe and used to treat large areas for controlling the mosquito population. There are different mosquito stages and specific elimination methods for each stage. The larval stage is controlled with a larvicide, while adult mosquitoes are control with a different pesticide. There are growth inhibitors and insecticides as well as bacterial control insecticides. You need to use the right product for controlling mosquitoes. You will want a professional exterminator that is trained in mosquito control to work with the problem and use the right products for the different stages of a mosquito’s life.

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