When hiring a lawyer, many people look for specific types–real estate lawyers, personal injury lawyers, etc. They think about lawyers as fitting into neat categories. However, often reality is more complicated than that, and individual lawyers will work in a variety of related fields. This week, we want to find out more about mixing specialties, and how lawyers mix and match to find the areas of law that are best matched to them.

Why we’re asking:

Like most professions, there is a lot more to a legal career than meets the eye, and the average layman doesn’t realize how wide a single lawyer’s area of specialty might be. Balancing more than one type of law career can be a challenge, but attorneys do it more often than not, which is why we want to get an inside perspective on mixing specialties.

Professionals, share your thoughts below:

What are your specialties?

How did you settle on the fields you work with? How do they interact?

What specialties typically go together in the legal world?

What are the most disparate specialties you’ve ever seen a single attorney work in?

Are there any specialty combinations that work against one another?

The legal profession is an expansive one, and individual attorneys often have to stretch themselves and work in many different areas of it. We look forward to hearing about how your varied legal focuses work in your professional life.

Please post your answers in the comment field below!

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