Mice are a problem for many residential structures. Mice live everywhere, even in your walls, basement, and attic as well as outside your home. Cats are nice to have in a home to keep mice at bay, but not everyone can have a cat. A pest control company is the next best thing to a cat. They can come into your home and inspect the property to see where the mice are entering the home and exactly where they head to after they are inside. Mouse droppings are hard to spot, but an experienced exterminator knows what to look for and where to look.

When you have mice, you can try using bait boxes, but they allow the mice to leave and return to the walls or other areas of the house and die. This will present an entirely new problem. Mice remains as well as droppings and urine can cause respiratory problems in the healthiest of people. You need to use bait boxes used by pest control professionals to lure and trap the mouse. The exterminator will check the boxes on a scheduled day either weekly or monthly depending on how large your infestation is at the time.

Exterminating mice is not hard when a trained professional does the job. They will determine the best way to eliminate all the mice from your home. This will be the safest way as well as the proper way. In some cases, you can use a black light to find mouse dropping or urine, but you also might see a false reading. It is better to have a professional exterminator come in, assess the problem, and arrange to eliminate the mice from your home. It will be safer, more effective and prevent future infestations, which is what you need to live healthy in your home.

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