meter boxesMeter boxes are read monthly by the utility companies to determine how much gas, electricity and water you are using in your home or business.

It is always wise to look at these boxes from time to time to see if they are working and to see if the meter is moving rapidly.

A rapidly moving electric meter could mean you have a faulty meter or something in your home is drawing a huge amount of electricity. This is a cause for concern.

You need to find the problem immediately or you could end up with a rather enormous utility bill.

If you find a rapidly moving meter, call an experienced electrician who can troubleshoot appliances and wiring in your home. It’s a good idea to keep a record, yourself, of your meter reading. You can compare your reading to that on your monthly bill. If the two readings aren’t the same, the meter might be faulty.

If you think you are using to much power, call an professional, licensed, insured electrician to take a look around your home or building. If the electrician finds a problem with the meter instead of in your home, the utility company can be contacted.

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