marriage family petitionsFor those foreigners seeking entrance into the United States, marriage and family petitions offers a path to permanent residency.

Anyone who wishes to become a United States citizen should speak with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Immediate relatives of United States citizens are eligible to apply for a family based petition. This includes spouses, children, and parents of citizens.

Applications are often on a limited basis; therefore time is an important factor.

Consulting with an attorney will answer any questions regarding the procedures inherent to marriage and family petitions.

United States citizens who would like family members to immigrate, need to remember a few key facts regarding their qualification status.

A citizen must be 21 years of age before they can file a petition for their parents can come to America. Since parents can also file a petition for their children, other children besides natural born children are included. For example, step children and children who were adopted are also eligible.

One area of marriage and family petitions that must be acknowledged is when a widow or widower is involved.

An attorney is able to answer all questions regarding marriage and family petitions.