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3 Steps to Take In Case of a Horrific Accident

Like most things, we do not tend to think of preparation until it is too late. We often neglect maintenance on our cars until they break down and repairs are required. The same principle applies to intense personal injury accidents. If you or your spouse is rendered speechless, decisions will be much easier to make if certain legal agreements are in place before the accident.


Top 8 Marketing Tips for Legal Professionals

As one of the nation’s leading local search directories, it’s our goal to help clients find local lawyers online. Of course we believe that one of the best ways to connect with clients is to advertise with us, but we also know that’s not the only thing you can do to improve your online presence. Because we value your business, we’d like to offer you our favorite tips for helping clients find you online. We use many of these ideas to help grow our own business and we hope you find them as effective as we do. 1. Maximize your …


Great Divide: 6 Divorce Trends of Today

Divorce is an unfortunate fact of life. People fall in and out love, relationships change, and eventually many marriages dissolve. There are nearly infinite possible causes for divorce and predicting or generalizing about how it comes about is very difficult. Over time however, there do appear to be some trends and patterns in divorce across the country.

Fundamentals of Property Law Casebook

Top 5 Tips to Establish Your Career Post-Law School

The lackluster economy of the last five years has affected most career fields, especially new law school graduates looking to join the job market. Upon graduation, it can be difficult to land a job, let alone find the type of career you want as a new lawyer. This week, we looked to our legal resources for advice for new law school graduates.

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3 Notable Divorce Patterns

Divorce is a harsh reality for many marriages. This week we looked into divorce patterns our lawyers have noticed while working with clients. We learned that children play a huge factor in when and why couples choose to divorce. Additionally, money is a large concern for divorcing couples. Couples need to be able to afford to divorce; the poor economy is keeping some couples together because they cannot survive without a joint income. Below are three patterns and trends in divorce that our legal resources shared with us this week.