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Mixing Legal Specialties

When hiring a lawyer, many people look for specific types–real estate lawyers, personal injury lawyers, etc. They think about lawyers as fitting into neat categories. However, often reality is more complicated than that, and individual lawyers will work in a variety of related fields. This week, we want to find out more about mixing specialties, and how lawyers mix and match to find the areas of law that are best matched to them. Why we’re asking: Like most professions, there is a lot more to a legal career than meets the eye, and the average layman doesn’t realize how wide …


Resources for Adoptive Families

When it comes time to build a family, there are a lot of different options. For many, adoption is the way to go, because it gives a home to a child who needs it and might not otherwise get it. However, many people are hesitant about adopting children because there are a lot of complications that can arise, both in terms of financial care, and legally. This week, we’re turning to our legal professionals to find out what kinds of resources are out there to help adoptive families after the adoption has gone through. Why we’re asking: Adopted children are …

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Realtors and Title Companies

When buying property for the first time, there’s a lot that the average future homeowner doesn’t know, and many different industries they’re going to be dealing with for the first time. Some homeowners don’t understand the process well enough to even ask the right questions. To help out, we’ve decided to tackle a question that many people looking to buy property don’t know enough to ask: how does a title company factor into my home buying plans? Why we’re asking: The average home-buyer in the United States is probably familiar with realtors and real estate lawyers, but many are probably …

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Why should you hire a marriage lawyer?

When the subject of marriage comes up, most people think about everlasting love and a commitment to family. It’s nice to view marriage as a romantic institution, free from the legal realities of the world, but that isn’t reality. Marriage is as much a legal contract as it is a romantic one, and ignoring that aspect of it only puts you and your future spouse at risk. For this reason, we here at eLocal asked our legal professionals to help illustrate some of the reasons hiring a lawyer before getting married is a good idea. Here are some of the …


Hiring a Lawyer Before Marrying

Many people like to think about love and marriage as intertwined, and believe that so long as the love is there, the marriage will follow naturally. However, this is not always the case. While the more romantic notions of marriage might be tied to love, marriage is also a legal institution, which means that it comes with a whole host of complicated issues that must be addressed. There are many legal factors involved in a wedding that may require the attentions of a lawyer.


Insurance Claims: Clauses to Watch For

The world of insurance is complicated, no matter what variety you’re looking into buying. Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be easy to trip yourself up and choose a policy that doesn’t suit your needs. This is a major problem in all situations, but it is especially bad if you find yourself in a situation where you need to utilize your insurance policy, and it turns out that you aren’t covered. An insurance policy that doesn’t cover your claim can mean you have to pay for your court costs out of pocket, or even that you will get poorer …


When is Settling the Right Choice?

With the plethora of courtroom dramas and police procedurals on television these days, it’s no surprise that everybody thinks they know more about the legal profession than they really do. The truth is, dramatizations of legal proceedings are nothing like how cases really go down, and these exciting yet false portrayals can really skew a client’s expectations when they end up needing to argue a case. One of the elements that suffers the most is the settlement. Too often, clients equate “settling” with “losing,” and develop a false sense that if their lawyer is encouraging them to settle, it’s because …


How common are prenuptial agreements in 2013?

Prenuptial agreements are designed to protect prior investments, debts, and family inheritances when a couple gets married. These agreements should not encourage divorce, and should clearly outline the terms of a potential divorce. Unclear premarital agreements can case a great deal of stress and headache for the marriage, which is unfortunate, since prenuptial agreements should ease decisions post-divorce. In the Cioffi Petrakis case, lawyers were able to null the couple’s prenuptial agreement based on oral agreements before the wedding. This case is unprecedented, because well-written prenups tend to hold up in court. According to the ABA Journal, In what lawyers …

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Are distracted driving laws preventing accidents?

Cell phones tend to be our fifth appendage, but there is one place they do not belong: the hands of a driver. According to the Official US Government’s Website for Distracted Driving, “18% of injury crashes in 2010 were reported as distraction-affected crashes.” Distracted driving is defined as any activity that can divert a driver’s attention from their primary task, operating the vehicle. All distractions, including eating and drinking, endanger passengers and others on the road. But text messaging is the most notable distraction because it interferes with the driver’s vision, concentration, and control of the car. In the US, …

House of the Day #7: 409 W. 120th Street

How can renters improve their renting experience?

Renting can be a great experience and a financially wise decision for many people. But without ownership, your rights as a renter can be a bit of a mystery. To make renting a positive experience we looked to our legal network for advice. Our renting network seemed to agree on a few vital pieces of legal advice. Firstly, get an inspection before you move in. Take advantage of renter advocacy groups to learn more about your rights as a renter where you live. Finally, establish a professional relationship with your landlord. Move-In Inspection Almost all apartments, condos, and homes for …