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How do you decide between public or private work?

There are many different aspects of a legal career, and figuring out what specific niche you want to work in is one of the main challenges facing a young, aspiring attorney. Narrowing down specialties is difficult enough, but you also have to consider who you want to work for–yourself, or a public firm? There are many advantages and disadvantages to both, which is why we turned to our experienced attorneys to find out what kind of advice they have. Below, we’ve collected the main points our legal professionals think new attorneys should take into consideration, and listed the pros and …


How can you make legal expenses affordable?

Figuring out how to navigate the legal world while dealing with a case of your own is stressful enough without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for everything. Unfortunately, legal council can get quite expensive, and many people forego appropriate representation simply because they cannot afford it. Other people go into debt trying to pay fees that are well beyond their means, which can be disastrous if they do not win their case or get a settlement in the end. But how can clients find affordable legal help? What are their options? To find the answer to …

common calls

What do attorneys get the most calls about?

Most of us are a bit ignorant toward what others do for a living and what their jobs entail. This is particularly true of the legal profession. We all operate under the same laws, yet we need lawyers to sift through the intricacies of them for us. This week, we asked our network what they get asked the most, and learned that many of us contact attorneys even when we could probably find out the information for ourselves. Even so, the help of a seasoned professional is key to finding out how to right a complicated wrong or work the …


Top 8 Marketing Tips for Legal Professionals

As one of the nation’s leading local search directories, it’s our goal to help clients find local lawyers online. Of course we believe that one of the best ways to connect with clients is to advertise with us, but we also know that’s not the only thing you can do to improve your online presence. Because we value your business, we’d like to offer you our favorite tips for helping clients find you online. We use many of these ideas to help grow our own business and we hope you find them as effective as we do. 1. Maximize your …

Fundamentals of Property Law Casebook

Top 5 Tips to Establish Your Career Post-Law School

The lackluster economy of the last five years has affected most career fields, especially new law school graduates looking to join the job market. Upon graduation, it can be difficult to land a job, let alone find the type of career you want as a new lawyer. This week, we looked to our legal resources for advice for new law school graduates.


How does the Statute of Limitation vary by state?

Statutes of Limitations are unimportant and essentially irrelevant to most of us, until they aren’t. When a loved one is treated unethically in the hospital, medical practice statutes suddenly become valuable information. Since most of the public is unaware of how the Statutes of Limitations work in their state, we looked to our legal resources to give us more information and clarify how the statutes work. 1) Why the Statutes of Limitations vary state to state Attorney Shane Fischer of Shane E. Fischer, P.A explains: “It varies based upon the dates each legislature sets. Under our Constitution, the federal government …

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What should you consider before getting a law degree?

Many undergraduates are looking into pursuing graduate and doctorate degrees, but the process can be overwhelming. Figuring out what factors to take into consideration is quite a challenge. Typically, a graduate degree is specialized to prepare you for your future career, but will you even enjoy the job? And will it be worth the steep price? A graduate degree, particularly a law degree, is very expensive. Students should be aware of the amount of debt they are inheriting, though large debt is justifiable when you’re taking a step toward your dream career.

social media

How does social media affect the legal world?

Social media is a universal reality in the modern world. Everyone is exposed to it in one way or another. Businesses are trying to use social media to their benefit, some more successfully than others. Law firms have to be more careful when using this tool. They have to be aware of privacy issues. Likewise, for their clients, Facebook and Twitter posts can now be used as evidence in court. The advice generally agreed on one thing: limit what you share on Facebook. Law firms can benefit from sharing universally useful legal tips, but sharing victories in court can breech …

small large law firm

How do you choose between big and small law firms?

When we asked our panel of attorneys how to choose a lawyer, they unanimously answered with the same criteria: consider their experience and areas of specialty. This week, we asked how firm size might play into these characteristics. Our panel helped point us in the right direction and shed some light on how big firms and small firms are different.

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How do you choose a specialty lawyer?

Choosing an attorney is no easy task, and with more complicated issues comes the need for more specific legal help. It seems as though every lawyer has some area of expertise, whether it’s more common practice areas like family law or extremely specific niches like international patent law. Selecting a specialist can ensure that you get the most knowledgeable counsel available. As attorney Luigi D’ Agostino says, Selecting an attorney is similar to selecting a doctor – you wouldn’t want a proctologist performing your brain surgery, would you?” Rules Many states and bar associations forbid lawyers to claim a “specialty” …