Legal Awards: Public vs. Private

Many decisions face young attorneys just starting out in the legal world, and figuring out what kind of legal work is right for you can be a real challenge. To help, we turned to our legal professionals to find out how they handle some of these questions. We asked them about the differences between working publicly or privately as an attorney, and how they decided which was right for them. They had some insightful things to say, which can hopefully help young lawyers just starting out who are debating which route is right for them.


Legal Awards: Marriage Lawyers

When you’re getting married, the last thing you want to think about are the legal realities of the situation. Unfortunately, marriage is a legal institution, and love alone is not always enough to keep you safe from potential repercussions. Hiring a lawyer might not seem like a romantic decision, but it is a vital one. To find out more, we turned to our legal professionals, who understand the legal realities of an institution like marriage. Their advice can help you understand why hiring a marriage lawyer before you walk down the aisle is not only a good idea, but actually …


Insurance – Legal Awards

Getting insurance is complicated enough in America today, but understanding how your insurance will work if you should end up needing it can be a nightmare. Not all insurance plans are alike, and too often clients who end up in court for accidents or property damage discover that their insurance is not what they thought it was. To help people avoid this unfortunate situation, we turned to our legal professionals, for their advice on how the average layperson can go about understanding their insurance policy, so they aren’t stuck in a bad situation if they ever end up needing it. …


Settlements – Legal Awards

Popular depictions of legal proceedings have had a lot of impact on how people think about the legal profession. For some people, shows like Law & Order are the only exposure they get to the legal system, and the misconceptions they pick up along the way can be quite far from reality. One of these misconceptions is that settling in court is losing a battle, and should be avoided. In fact, the majority of court proceedings end in settlements, and they are often the best outcome for both parties. To learn the truth about settlements, and how to tell when …


When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer – Home Expert Awards

Finding the right lawyer for you and your case is complicated enough, but for many people the question of affordability is even more important. Legal counsel is expensive, and many people who need legal representation can’t afford the lawyer who is best matched to their case, which can have some unfortunate consequences. To address this question, we asked our legal professionals for their advice when it comes to finding affordable legal representation. Our professionals have been around the block a few times, and they know better than anybody how to work through the challenges of paying for legal help. Here …

expensive adoption

The Cost of Adoption – Legal Awards

Adoption has been in the news a lot recently, with a number of different controversies both domestic and abroad. Despite how commonly it comes up, though, mayn people still don’t understand the inner workings of the adoption process–or why it can cost so much. Our legal professionals are well acquainted with the intricacies of adoption, so we asked them for their insight.

rent vs buy

Renting vs. Buying- Legal Awards

Real Estate has reigned as a top investment for decades. Many investors claim that your property will appreciate – maybe not immediately, but it is a safe bet. We looked to our real estate legal resources to see if buying a home is still a smart investment, and when renting may be a better option.

child custody

Child Custody Rights – Legal Awards

Our network had a great deal of advice to share with us this week regarding child custody and child support laws. Naturally, parents are most concerned about their children when getting a divorce. However, it is not always easy to make the right decision for your family; child custody cases can get messy, leading to long trials and added stress on the family. Thankfully, our family law attorneys have given us the valuable insight families need to address child custody and child support agreements.

parents estate

Estate Law – Legal Awards

Assisting your parents and possibly taking over their finances is a huge responsibility, and a lot more work than you might think. Parents have been taking care of their own finances for decades and often have systems set up for bill pay and money management that only make sense to them. There are times when a lawyer’s advice can be helpful during this transition, especially in regards to wills and naming a Durable Power of Attorney.

common calls

Primary Cases for Attorneys: Legal Awards

We have a wide array of attorneys on our Legal Resource Network practicing in most areas of law, so their day-to-day experiences can vary widely. But even with this diversity, there are some things lawyers have in common. One popular trend among our attorneys is cold calls. New clients tend to be individuals looking for free legal advice.