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The Legal Resource Network unites legal professionals from around the country to collaborate and discuss the most pressing legal issues and trends, that have a daily affect on many peoples’ lives.

Prospective clients and those with legal concerns can take advantage of this discussion to become more familiar with topics relevant to their own cases or legal interests.

By combining the experience of a wide range of legal professionals, we hope to showcase a full spectrum of opinions, so readers get the most comprehensive range of information possible. In this way, the Network seeks to become a trusted and reliable online community for both professionals and the public to learn more about common legal problems.

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Family Law

Michele Colucci, Esq.

Michele is an experienced lawyer, serial entrepreneur and CEO of, a marketplace of lawyers who will accept cases without payment of upfront legal fees (lawyers take a percentage of what they win).

Personal Injury

Steven D. Pattee

Steve is an attorney, mediator, and arbitrator in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. Prior to starting his solo practice in 2005, he worked as an insurance defense attorney defending individuals and businesses that were being sued. Now he focuses his practice on litigation of personal injury, insurance, and agriculture related cases as well as estate planning and probate.

Real Estate

Ramsey Bahrawy, Esq

The difference between a job and a career is passion. Not only I do have the skills to be a lawyer, but 30+ years tell me I was born to do the following jobs: Estate Planning (simple & sophisticated) Elder Law & Medicaid Planning Special Needs and Qualified Domestic Trusts VA Aid and Attendance Benefits Residential Real Estate Transactions Probate and Administration of Estates Fiduciary Litigation & Will Contests Personal Injury litigation Business Succession Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question here, please free to contact us.

1. What is the Legal Resource Network?
2. How do I become a Contributor?
3. How will I benefit from becoming a Contributor?
4. How much time will it take to participate?
5. How does it work? What’s the schedule?
6. Does Legal Resource Network accept Guest Posts?

1. What is the Legal Resource Network?

Our mission is to provide consumers with advice from a multitude of legal professionals in one convenient place. To do this, we’ve created the eLocal Legal Resource Network, which unites legal professionals and related businesses across all major areas of law, from real estate and personal injury to divorce and environmental law. The ongoing Q&A series culminates in feature-rich articles distilling opinions from our participating professionals.

2. How do I become a Contributor?

First, you must register for an account as a regular member of the community (see #2). Once logged in, you’ll be able to apply to become a Contributor at the top of this page. Please note that prior to being accepted as a Contributor, a member must participate in three questions out of the most recent four. Feel free to apply at any time, however, as we will keep your application until you have met this criteria.

3. How will I benefit from becoming a Contributor?

a. What kind of exposure will I get on eLocal?

As a contributor, you’ll share ideas and network with other professionals that span the nation. Your opinions will be seen by followers of your website, your fellow network members, and all eLocal readers. The platform provides national exposure, helping you brand yourself as a top professional in your niche.

b. Can I give you a bio to post on eLocal?
Absolutely. Your bio will be added to our Contributor Panel and will include a link to your firm or business’ website, as well as social media links. We feature this section on the Legal Resource Network main page as well.

c. Is there a badge I can post on my website showing that I’m an eLocal Contributor?
Of course! Contact us at for the HTML code you’ll need to embed a badge on your site.

4. How much time will it take to participate?

We understand our contributors are busy, so we’ve created a process that streamlines your participation. Comments on our bi-weekly questions can be as short as a few sentences or as long as a few paragraphs; how you participate is up to you! We estimate that most professionals spend less than 30 minutes per month on the Network.

5. How does it work? What’s the schedule?

Our schedule is bi-weekly and each round contains 3 posts: a question, an eLocal Legal Awards post, and an in-depth follow-up article.

a. When does the question go live?

When a new round begins, the initial question goes live on a Monday. The post will remain active and open to answers through comments for one week, closing on the following Monday.

b. When does the Legal Expert Awards post go live?

After the question closes on Monday, we read the comments from all of our network contributors and determine the very best comments of that week. The Legal Awards post announcing the best of the best, complete with a link to the bios for the featured contributors or businesses, goes live that Wednesday.

c. When does the Follow-up article go live?

The final follow-up article wraps up the round and is posted on Friday, following the Legal Awards post (10 days after the initial question). This article will distill information from all comments as well as pull in information from outside sources via research conducted by our creative team.

6. Does the Legal Resource Network accept guest posts?

Yes! We do accept guest posts; however, there are some guidelines and restrictions.

a. Who can submit guest posts?
We accept guest posts from active participants on our panel. We define ‘active’ as having answered the previous two questions in your field.

b. What can I write about?
Send 3 different ideas for a guest post related to your field to LegalResourceNetwork[at] We will review them and let you know which one we like best before you start writing!

c. I’m ready to start writing; what guidelines do I have to follow?
Most importantly, the article should be original content submitted exclusively to our platform. Images, videos and any other forms of media are encouraged as long as you or your company have the rights to them. Furthermore, the article should not be self-promotional, but provide valuable information about the approved topic. Self-promotion is allowed in the bio at the end of the article. All submissions are subject to approval by our editor and eLocal’s Terms & Conditions.

d. How can I promote myself in an author bio?
At the end of any article you submit, we can include an author bio about you and your business. The bio should, at maximum, be a short paragraph (2-3 sentences). It can include one link to your website or social page, though we do not allow optimized anchor text. The link will be on your name, your business name, or in plain URL form.

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