LED Christmas lights make for stunning, multi-colored holiday displays. From sharp blues, to vibrant reds, LED lights work in a variety of applications and have many benefits.

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Types of LED Christmas lights

LED Christmas lights come in many varieties, and LED Christmas light store has a wonderful selection of these products. Across the various types, you have a choice of different colors. Perhaps the most popular are striking combinations of blues and whites, but LED’s now come in everything from vivid greens to deep oranges, bright reds to even soft whites.

Battery operated lights function both indoors and outdoors, and work great for wreaths, center pieces, or nativity displays. They also make quite a statement on boats, RV’s, or even automobiles!

Christmas tree lights come in strands with everything from blue snowflakes, to red raspberries, to traditional bright or warm multicolor configurations. The possibilities and effects you can create with these lights are endless, provoking images of candlelight, cranberries, snowflakes, and more.

For the outside of your home, LED lights also work well. Available in meshes, nets, or long strands, they allow you to create vibrant effects quickly.

Advantages of LED Christmas lights

The advantages of LED technology are many. First, LED bulbs are brighter. LED’s bulbs naturally produce light of different colors, while incandescent bulbs rely on colored enclosures around the bulbs, which dims their intensity.

LED bulbs consume far less energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs, approximately 10%! This means you not only use less power overall, but can also string more sets of lights together, and have the option of battery power.

Finally, LED bulbs last much longer and are more resilient to outdoor weather effects. The bulb life of an LED is typically greater than ten years, and often in the twenty to thirty year range. LED’s also get around a major issue with incandescent bulbs, which is particularly acute outdoors. That is that incandescent bulbs typically have a coating on the outside of the bulb, which fades and peals over time, reducing effective life span further.

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