There are both federal and state laws that make kidnapping a crime.

Kidnapping is the taking, moving, or relocating of one person from a location to another location, against the person’s will and without permission.

There are several types and reasons for kidnappings.

Often kidnapping is enacted so that the perpetrator may commit further crimes. These may include ransom, extortion, sexual abuse, rape, or murder. Other types of kidnapping may occur when one non-custodial parent kidnaps a child. Sometimes kidnapping involves more than one state or jurisdiction.

Kidnapping is a serious criminal offense that carries penalties that range from several years to life in prison. The punishment will depend on the nature and gravity of the kidnapping, if another crime was committed, and the age of the kidnapped individual.

If you have been charged with kidnapping you could be facing life in prison.

You will need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who has proven experience with kidnapping cases.

Your attorney will begin working on your case and gather evidence during the investigation before your trial. One of the most important things that you should know is that you should not make a statement or speak to anyone until you have spoken with your attorney.

Additionally, your attorney will look at the evidence that has been gathered against you in the investigation and will advise you of your rights, and help devise the best strategy for your defense.

Kidnapping consequences depend upon a number of other issues. If another crime was committed, such as rape or murder, a criminal defense attorney may decide the best strategy is to agree to a plea-bargain.

If a non-custodial parent committed the kidnapping, the case may involve more issues that will need to be addressed through family court.

Since every situation is different, it is important to discuss your individual case with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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