Contacting State Pest Control Regulatory Agencies

State Pest Control Regulation

You can investigate pest control companies by calling the State Pest Control Regulatory Agency for your state. This agency will have a list of all pest control companies and any complaints that may have been filed against them or their business. Checking with the state agency is very important before hiring any exterminator or pest control company. Pest control needs to be done safely and correctly. If a pest control company has any violations or complaints, it is wise to look at other exterminators to do the work. You need someone that has an outstanding reputation and can guarantee the work.

When you call the State Pest Control Regulatory Agency, they can tell you if the company is insured and certified. They will inform you of any complaints that have been logged against the company and whether the company is still able to operate in pest control. The agency is also the place where you can log a complaint against an exterminator or pest control company. The agency can also tell you if any postings have to be posted after certain pesticides are applied. The agency is there to protect the consumer and the environment. You can also find out if the exterminator is licensed in your particular state.

The State Pest Control Regulatory Agency acts on the behalf of the consumer and the environmental standards set forth by law. If you are considering hiring a pest management company, you should use the free resources provided by this agency. Having all available information about the pest control company in advance can save you future costs if a problem does occur. The most important thing to remember when hiring a pest management company is to make sure they operate according to the standards set forth by the state and comply with pesticide regulations for safety.