Insurance Fraud


insurance fraudInsurance fraud occurs when someone falsifies information or data in an attempt to extort more money or compensation than they would normally obtain through their insurance company.

Insurance fraud laws are governed by both state and federal entities.

Medicare and Medicaid fraud is a federal offense.

Likewise, sometimes people are accused of committing insurance fraud and they know that they have behaved in an honest and upright manner.

In cases like this, not only may the insurance company continually threaten the insured, but the company may also deny processing legitimate insurance claims.

Not only is it important to ensure that the legal aspects of insurance fraud cases are handled successfully, but the insured person needs to know that their claims will ultimately paid as well.

When an insurance company fails to uphold their end of the insurance agreement, it is deemed to be a breach of the insurance contract.

In cases of insurance fraud or insurance breech of contract, the services of an Insurance Litigation and Claims Presentation attorney is needed.