what are civil rightsIndecent exposure is when someone exposes his or her genitals in public.

The intent is that the offender will derive some sort of sexual pleasure or gratification from the act and cause onlookers to become horrified and deeply offended. It is a sexual crime even though there is no physical contact.

The neighborhood “flasher” is guilty of indecent exposure.

Sometimes minors are charged with indecent exposure and are faced with serious consequences for acts that they never thought of as sexual.

A good example of this is the college student who gets drunk and moons someone.

Indecent exposure may often lead to additional charges, such as lewd and lascivious behavior. This is especially true if the exposure involved sex between to people in a public place, and where onlookers were present.

If you have been charged with indecent exposure, lewd and lasciviousness behavior, or sexual assault you should make sure that you contact a defense lawyer who is experienced in handling these types of situations.

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