Illegal Car Searches


police carWhen a police officer pulled a driver over for suspicious behavior or activity, it is confusing to know when a car search begins to border on illegal activity.

Everyone has the right to an attorney when questioned by the police.

Everyone also has the right to plead the Fifth Amendment.

is often advised to not say anything that may be incriminating until you have the counsel of your attorney by your side.

When police are performing a search, they must conduct their search according to the confines of law. If they do not, the evidence that they obtain may be thrown out in a court of law.

First, police must have reasonable suspicion that your vehicle has illegal property, drugs, contraband or other goods or they may not conduct a search.

If you believe that you were involved in an illegal car search and currently a case is being formed against you, then you should seek the services and counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

During your consultation, the attorney will review the facts of the case and will make a judgment call as to whether or not the car search was performed illegally.

If the search was illegal, your attorney will petition the court to have the case dismissed and any evidence or statements that were used against you will also be dismissed.