Roof replacement is one of the scariest thoughts all homeowners will eventually face.

Many roofers recommend a plan of preventive roof maintenance and repair to delay the need for a total roof replacement.

Regular roof inspections and timely repairs will extend the life of a roof for many years.

However, though regular roof inspection is necessary, there are times when your roof may exhibit warning signs that it needs to be repaired sooner.

Some of these warning signs include leaking that you notice in the attic or stains on the walls or ceilings after a heavy rain. If notice these things you will need to have your roof looked at by an experienced roofer.

Don’t wait to see bucketfuls of water before calling a roofing contractor. Wet stains are a sign that water is leaking past the roof and shingles and making its way past the underlayment. This situation must be addressed or the problem will only become worse.

Another sign that your roof needs repair is if you detect peeling paint on the exterior of your home or shingles that begin to show signs of damage or decay. If shingles slip, deteriorate or look damaged, then you should have a roofer inspect your roof.

High-energy costs, excessive mold, mildew, or fungus growth in your attic are also signs of roof problems.

Failure of proper ventilation is another sign that needs to be addressed by a roofing contractor.

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