Featured Question by KOHLER: Barbeques, pool parties, Fourth of July. With the summer season quickly approaching, many homeowners are looking to transform their outdoor space into an entertainment mecca.

How can homeowners utilize their outdoor space and make it perfect for entertaining? What should they think about in terms of design, installation, keeping it green, and costs? We’re turning to our experts for the final word on the issue.

Why We’re Asking:

Lynn Schrage of The KOHLER Store suggested our 11th Blog-Off question. KOHLER’s mission is to improve homeowners sense of gracious living in every experience they have with a KOHLER® product or service. To make this happen, it tries in each of its businesses to live on the leading edge in the design and technology of product and process. KOHLER maintains a single level of quality regardless of price point across its many product and service categories. From sustainable products in kitchen and bath to some of the most beautiful furniture of Baker and McGuire, from engines for lawn tractors and generators for marine and home standby, and power systems that protect data centers and urban landscapes, to a headquarters hotel for a golf Major, this is what KOHLER Co. is all about.

Since the weather is getting warmer and our economy is slowly pulling itself back together, homeowners are looking to celebrate with friends and family. Homeowners finally have some extra funds to put toward their homes and they are looking for areas to put their dollar to work. In our 2nd Blog-Off, our experts pointed out that outdoor living spaces are one of the main areas homeowners are looking to renovate in an attempt to maximize their usable living space.

So experts, it’s time to weigh in:

What ways can homeowners renovate their outdoor living space and make a big impact?

With summer entertaining season around the corner, what suggestions do you have for homeowners looking to create the ultimate outdoor space?
Any design ideas? Installation advice for things like hot tubs, lighting, etc.?
Any ways to make your outdoor living space as green as possible?

No matter what perspective, we want to hear how homeowners can make the most of their outdoor living space and create the perfect summer entertaining environment! Budget ideas are always appreciated, too!

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!