Controlling bed bugs is best done with some preventive measures. If you travel anywhere, you need to wash all clothing when returning home and vacuum out all suitcases and other luggage. If you do travel and stay in hotels, you may want to keep your luggage in a trash bag at night. This will keep the bed bugs out of your luggage. If you think you have a problem with bed bugs, contact a pest control company to help you with a pest management plan.

Professional exterminators are trained for bed bug control, where as homeowners may think about using over the counter pesticides that will not work very effectively. Controlling bed bugs is something you need to have some help with or they will stay around the home. The exterminator uses different methods to eliminate the bug from your home. This includes constant checking and reapplying the application to eliminate them. Because bed bugs can hide in so many different places other than the bed, you may miss key hiding places if you try to eliminate them yourself.

Because the bed bug can thrive and live without food for up to a year, in almost any temperature, you need a professional pest control company to help eliminate the bug. They are resilient pests that need constant control. A special method of treatment is required to eliminate all the bugs. This means more visits from the exterminator than if you had another annoying pest in your home. Pest control professionals will show you all the areas where a bed bug can hide so that you will know what to look for in between their visits to your home.

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