Banging sounds in your water heater are most likely due to metal parts expanding and contracting.

Noises can also happen if the inside of your hot water heater is developing a layer of sediment and minerals from hard water build up on the inside of the water heater.

When the water heats, the minerals actually crystallize and create a cycle.

The sediment becomes harder, making the hot water heater difficult to operate.

This sediment is commonly referred to as scale. When scale is present, hot water becomes trapped behind it. As the water heats and boils it creates steam that builds pressure as it is trapped. If this is left unchecked, the pressure can increase greatly and the water heater may blow.

It’s important to address these issues immediately.

If you regularly maintain your water heater by flushing draining out stale water, you can prevent or significantly lower the amount of scale that forms. Make certain to remove any sediment from the bottom of the water heater as well.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to flush out your water heater.

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