Photo courtesy of ShadwwulfAccumulating “stuff” is far easier than we realize. It seems that suddenly, you look around you and realize that all of your living space has been invaded by clutter, and you can barely walk across the room without tripping over something. This is a problem that faces all homeowners, and sometimes getting rid of all of that stuff just isn’t an option. How can you store it all without giving up your space?

Why We’re Asking

Knowing how to organize your space can be a challenge, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, there are countless tricks and special products to help you keep your space organized. Whether it’s your over-stuffed garage with no more room for your car, a messy work bench, or a kitchen so full of appliances that there’s nowhere to put the food, our experts know how to store things in style. Remember: organization is key to keeping your home stress-free.

So tell us, experts:

How can homeowners fight clutter?

Can the techniques used to hide wiring and plumbing be used for other kinds of unsightly home necessities?

What tricks do you use to keep your tools straight?

Have you seen any particularly clever storage solutions in your years of working with homeowners?

What are your personal favorite storage products?

Clutter can overwhelm a house very quickly, and having solid storage solutions makes life run much more smoothly. We look forward to hearing about the organization tricks you’ve developed over the years!

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!