Security systems in residential areas are definitely not a new concept. The first electro-magnetic alarms used for detecting intruders were patented in 1853. In the 90s, many homes were upgraded with systems that monitored doors, windows, smoke, heating and cooling. After this boom, many systems were neglected by owners who were tired of paying monthly service fees and weren’t convinced that the systems were providing real protection.

More recently, security systems and home monitoring systems beginning to become popular again, in large part due to advances in technology. In fact, the latest technology connects your smart phone with your home’s security system to control all features directly from your phone, according to Security System News. AT&T is planning its commercial launch of this service for this March. With this latest development, we are wondering if home security systems really deliver to protect your home against break-ins.

Why We’re Asking:

Your home contains your valuables, but more importantly, your loved ones. Obviously, you want your home to be a safe place, but not every home owner opts for a security system. The effectiveness of security systems is still up for debate. Deterring a burglar is difficult, and can vary on a case-by-case basis.

So this week, we are looking to our home experts to give us more information on home security systems and their effectiveness:

Do home security systems really protect your home?

Which features are most important to look for when installing a home security system?
Are internal alarms or external alarms a better option?
Should all security systems be connected to a law enforcement agency?
What about home monitoring services? Are they similar? What advantages or disadvantages do they represent?

We look forward to uncovering more information about home security systems. Check back next week to see what our experts have to say!

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