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Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or replace your roof or find a fresh coat of paint, we have the articles and resources for your home improvement needs

Firemen on the roof of a smoking building after surprising home fire

Home Safety: 5 Scary Fire Hazards

Some fire hazards are obvious—untended fireplaces, forgotten candles, space heaters—but many are not so obvious and can be hidden in plain sight....
A landscape of a home with a nice roof

When’s The Best Season To Do Roof Maintenance?

Your roof helps to protect you and your family from the elements. Therefore, it’s only right to ensure your roof is ready...
Air conditioning units outside a building

What Do I Do if My AC Freezes?

Your air conditioning unit works around the clock during the brutal summer months to keep you and your family cool. So how...
car keys sitting on a countertop

What to Do During a Car Lockout

In the Event of a Car Lockout, Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected It’s easy to slip into a state...
An electrician figuring out the exact cause for an electrical outlet not working

Common Causes For a Faulty Outlet

You just bought a new book that you’re excited to read before bedtime. You’re so excited that you buy a brand new...
A kitchen faucet leaking

Everything You Want to Know About Water Leaks

Water doesn't belong on the floor, dripping down the walls, or pooling in the yard. And finding and repairing a leak can be a...
Mature spotted lanternfly with wings open

Everything to Know About the Spotted Lanternfly in Pennsylvania

What is the spotted lanternfly?Where do spotted lanternflies come from?Are lanternflies dangerous?How to get rid of spotted lanternfliesCall a local pest control...
An electrician figuring out the exact cause for an electrical outlet not working

Housing Wiring: What You Need to Know

Electricity wiring is one of the most overlooked concerns in a hoome. However, damaged electric wires in your house are serious life hazards. Generally,...

When to Look to eLocal for Pest Control

Termite infestations cost Americans over $5 billion in damage every year, and other pests collectively cost much more. Americans spend around $7.47 billion a...
A racoon sleeping

Think You Don’t Have to Worry About Pests In Winter? Think Again

Most of us forget about pests when winter rolls around. It's one of the perks of the cold weather. However, the threat of pests...

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