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The Benefits of Buying Locally

The benefits of spending more money within our own communities are far-reaching. Although there is an ongoing movement to shop more conscientiously, we still have a ways to go before these effects can be felt nationally. If you’re wondering what the benefits of buying locally might be, take a look at the infographic below. It represents a compilation of information on the ways our spending can affect our environment and our lives. Our Home professionals are answering our latest question right now! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest updates and info from …

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Buy Local: Quick Facts on the Benefits of Buying Local

Why Buy Local? With current market conditions, it has become increasingly cheaper to buy distantly produced goods, despite the increased costs of packaging, transport, inspection, and associated expenses. However, along with lower prices comes the added cost of repercussions on the environment and impacts on the economic well being of your community. Here are some shocking stats & quick facts about buying local goods. Import & Shipping Statistics – The U.S. imports $2.2 trillion worth of products yearly from over 150 countries. – Aircraft transport has greater fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions per mile than any other mode of transport. …


What Renovations Have the Best Resale Value?

Homeowners and buyers look at a home very differently. Neglecting to look at a remodeling project from a buyer’s perspective can result in money lost when it is time to sell your home. Which projects will have the biggest bang for the buck? Our experts outline which renovations will improve your home’s resale value, no matter your budget…and what projects to stay away from. Before You Begin a Renovation In general, the top two areas to renovate include the kitchen and bath. The third most important involves adding energy efficient upgrades to your home. However, these projects can be very …

Green limitations

The Limitations of Going Green

“Green” has been a buzz word for the past few years. As the concept increased in popularity, so did the prevalence of eco-conscious alternatives for everything: food, fashion, building materials, cleaners, etc. As a result, the green movement is appearing in our homes now more than ever. We discovered that many homeowners are pursuing green options already and that this will be a strong trend in 2011. But does going green mean making sacrifices? The Big Question Although there are more green options now than ever before, going green, by definition, rules out a large number of non-green choices. So, …