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Universal Home Improvement | Mark Lavine

Universal Home Improvement Inc. has more than 32 years of professional experience in helping homeowners throughout San Francisco and San Mateo counties with all their home improvement needs. The company is licensed, insured and bonded to perform all types of contracting work around the home.



Ridiculous Customer Stories

I had a client one time feed my guys lunch from food he was able to get from the dumpster behind the market. Yes my guys were real sick from it to. I also had a women client that wanted my guys to paint her bedroom walls and ceiling but before they did she had them take down had to be 15 nude pictures of herself from the walls. Everyday she would take a shower and would come out nude and flash my guys. I forgot to say the women was in her late 60s to early 70's. Thank god I never saw any of it or I might have gone blind!