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Carolina Rustica | Richard Sexton

Richard Sexton founded Carolina Rustica 16 years ago after a one year trip around the world to celebrate a voluntary departure from the corporate life. Carolina Rustica is now a nationally-recognized multi-channel retailer of high end furniture which embraces internet technology and consumer trends to grow its customer base. The company also maintains a large showroom in Concord, NC. In 2012, the company was sold to Mattress USA, based in Brighton, MI, and Mr. Sexton continues in his role as President. Mr. Sexton has his MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University with concentrations in Marketing and Economics. He lives in Concord, NC with his wife, two daughters, a spaniel, and long-time business partner, Magoo the parrot.



Upcycling, Recycling and Removing Old Junk

Its a simple answer...when you spend more than an hour a month re-arranging the junk, or trying to find a new home for it in your attic or garage, then its time to just recycle or give it away. Freecycling is a great option and there are plenty of local sites to help you with that, or just go to Craigslist. My favorite form of freecycling is just leaving it on the sidewalk...it will find a home all by itself. I'm really not sure about some of these other answers though....the question is, "When is it time to recycle/upcycle?".

The Keys to De-Cluttering

I have three suggestions, mostly based on personal experience of being a dad to two clutter-inducing daughters. First and foremost, accept that some degree of clutter is going to be part of your life, if you have a family. Only if you make picking up a full time job will you be able to contain it. Having said that, **designate one room to be the clutter-allowed room**. This way, you can allow the creativity and playtime that creates clutter, but you can also contain it or at least hide it. We built a whole upstairs addition just for the kids. I never go up there, but I hear its a fun, chaotic room. Secondly, find items that can contain clutter easily, without it being totally organized. My two favorite items are storage ottomans and end-of-bed benches (see "http://lighting.carolinarustica.com/search#w=storage%20ottoman" for example). Both of these items have two-fold practicality. First, they are a spot to sit upon, or put your feet up, or fill a space. Secondly, you just need to lift up the top and voila! Instant organizing space. Another item popular with our customers here at Carolina Rustica are storage beds, which allow for under-bed storage and eliminate the need for a boxspring or foundation. These typically add $300 to $500 to the cost of the bed, however, and can be an expensive option. Clutter is a fact of life, it just has to be contained and/or hidden away!