When’s the best time to remodel?

The changing seasons bring a lot of color to our world, but they can also mean putting projects you want to do on your home on delay. You don’t want to be redoing a roof in the middle of rainy season, or pouring concrete when the ground is frozen. Picking the right time of year for your remodel goals can mean the difference between a successful project done on time and on budget, and a remodel that drags on for weeks and hits half a dozen snags. Below, we’ve compiled a list of just a few things to consider when …

within the law

What laws do you often have to work around?

Working in the home improvement industry requires a wide base of knowledge. You have to know how to handle your tools, how to talk to clients, and how to manage your finances and keep your company afloat. As if all that weren’t enough, the home improvement industry is also highly regulated, which means that keeping your work safe and within legal parameters also requires you to be a lawyer, capable of understanding what the codes mean for your clients’ projects. Working within legal restrictions can be challenging and frustrating. That’s why we turned to our experts, to find out how …


What’s the most ridiculous thing a client has done?

Most of the time, home owners who turn to professionals understand what the professional is there to do: ensure that the job is finished correctly, safely, and on budget. Sometimes, though, you come across a home owner who thinks he or she knows best how the job should be done, and just won’t listen to common sense. It seems like all home improvement professionals have stories about this kind of client, which is why last week we asked our experts to share their favorite ridiculous customer stories. We noticed when reading these stories that they tended to fit into three …

customer service

Decline In Customer Service: A Sign of the Times?

It is no secret that our economy has seen better days. I can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of people who have lost jobs, homes, cars, and their families over the past few years due to the mere fact of…..MONEY. It makes our world go round. So much so that we are forced to have it. We don’t want it, we need it. We take pride in earning it and spending it. This love for money, however, creates a double edged sword… Those earning it probably feel that the job they are working doesn’t provide enough of it. This …