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How To Compare Project Quotes

If you have ever solicited quotes for a home improvement project, you were probably more confused about what you were paying for than when you started. The more quotes you received the larger the variance between proposals. Pricing is in the details. Regardless of the type of project; siding replacement, window replacement, or any other home improvement; the price on the quote really doesn’t mean anything without knowing the specifications of ALL the work to be performed. For example, “replace all siding on the home” is not a specification. Describing the process of replacing the siding on your home would …

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How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

For our eleventh Blog-Off, we asked our experts how homeowners can create the ultimate outdoor living space. From furnishing and materials to environmental concerns and cost, our experts gave us the insider secrets for creating the best outdoor living space on the block. Need inspiration? Our design experts created visual renderings exclusively for eLocal readers. Let the backyard festivities begin… Aesthetic Considerations Add Stone: Incorporating stone (such as through a bench, fountain, or walkway) into your outdoor space is both architecturally interesting and durable. Keep the Design Consistent: Make sure the area complements your home’s design. Some homeowners consider their …


DIY: What to Do and What Not to Do

For the price-conscious homeowner, DIY might seem like a great way to save yourself some money on home improvement and repair projects. After all, professional repairs can sometimes seem prohibitively expensive, and the cost of professional repairs around the house can add up quickly. It’s easy to see why some homeowners are tempted to attempt repairs themselves. However, there is a reason that professionals exist, and there are many situations in which DIY should never be attempted. You could end up costing yourself more in the long run, or permanently damaging yourself or your home. With help from our experts, …

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Working with a Professional

We asked our experts what homeowners can do to ensure a smooth working relationship when hiring a professional. They all agreed on the key ingredients: open communication, transparency, and mutual trust. A happier professional can mean extra perks and even a better end project. In an I’ll-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine world, the relationship is key to a successful remodel. Ensure your project runs smoothly with our insider’s guide to the Do’s and Don’t’s of working with a home professional. DO be very clear and concise at the beginning of the transaction about what you want done and your expectations. Communication is key to …