Inside the Industry

red flags

What are red flags for home professionals?

Hiring a professional to work in your house is a touchy thing. You want to get the best work for your dollar, but not all of the “professionals” out there will give you the kind of quality work you’re looking for, or even be honest about how much it will cost you in the end. To help homeowners figure out how to tell the true professionals from the scam artists, we turned to our home industry experts to find out what the red flags are for the home expert industry. Here’s a list of the biggest red flags they pointed …

dream home

What is your dream project?

It’s easy to focus in too much on the toils that come along with working in the home improvement industry, and forget the fun parts. To lighten the mood and get to know our experts just a little bit better on a personal level, last week we asked them to describe their dream projects–the ones they would love to work on if budget were no option and they could just go crazy. We found out that home industry professionals can be quite imaginative! Here are just a few of their dream projects. Grand View Builders If given the opportunity to …

refuse project3

When should you refuse a project?

When you work in a service industry, you often find yourself at the mercy of your clients’ whims. Many homeowners do research into what trends are popular and what options are available to them beforehand, and sometimes they have bad information and want something that is either impractical or unsafe. Dealing with a situation where a customer wants you to circumvent the rules for a project can be a tricky, delicate process, and it’s a tough situation for both the homeowner who isn’t getting what he or she wanted, and for the professional who might even have to walk away …


What resources do home improvement professionals use?

Even the most practiced professional sometimes runs into a new problem he or she doesn’t know how to handle, or encounters a situation where they need help. Whether it’s just learning how to do a new kind of installation or needing a specific specialty item to do work that you aren’t familiar with, knowing where to turn when you’re in a little over your head is part of the job. There are lots of different places to turn when you need advice or assistance, but not all resources are created equal. That’s why we asked our home industry experts where …


How do you get started in the home improvement industry?

No matter your career path, getting started can be a daunting challenge. Whether you’re trying to break into plumbing or design or contracting, it can seem almost impossible to get your foot in the door and start finding work, much less build your own business! Where should a newbie start when it comes to breaking into the home improvement industry? We asked our experts this exact question, hoping to learn from their years of experience in the industry. As usual, they did not disappoint, offering tons of great advice for those just starting out. Here are a few traits you …