Ridiculous Customer Stories: Home Expert Awards

Working in the home improvement industry means interacting with a lot of home owners. Most of the time, clients are pretty understanding of what it is you do and how to handle themselves in a home-building situation, but occasionally you come across that customer who just doesn’t seem to “get it.” But what can you do when a client is behaving in an unacceptable, or even downright ridiculous, way? Our home experts have been in the business a long time, and they have seen it all.


Dangerous Jobs: Home Expert Awards

As homeowners go about their lives, it can be easy to look at things like their plumbing and electrical work without thinking about how dangerous those things can really be. An improperly installed washing machine or poorly wired socket can spell disaster, not only for the homeowner but also for the person doing the installation. Home improvement professionals handle risks like these every day, ensuring that homeowners don’t have to worry about the potential dangers. We wanted to know about the daily risks and dangers that our experts face just doing their jobs.


Learning from Mistakes: Home Expert Awards

It would be nice if you could start a business, get all the building blocks in place, and launch right into working at the top of the game. Sadly, that’s not how the world works. Even the most professional business people started out as rookies, and rookies make a lot of mistakes–sometimes very big ones. But if you know how to handle them, even the worst mistakes can turn into learning opportunities. Our experts are at the tops of their fields, but they didn’t get there by being perfect all the time.

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Home Expert Awards: Preparing for the Elderly or Disabled

When you’re building your dream home, you want it to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t plan for the future, when they might not be as agile as they are now. That gorgeous winding staircase in the entry way might become your worst enemy when you’re in your 70s–or if the worst should happen and you or a loved one end up physically disabled. Planning for these possibilities doesn’t occur to many home owners, but it should. Our experts have a lot of experience helping homeowners adapt their houses for family members who can’t get around easily any more.

phone calls

Problem Calls: Home Expert Awards

When you run a service company, your success or failure is entirely dependent upon convincing clients to go through your business. That means your phone is your literal lifeline. When it’s ringing, you’re in business. When it isn’t, you might be in trouble. But not all client phone calls are created equal, and sometimes it can feel like you’re fielding the same calls over and over again. We asked our experts what phone calls they get the most often–and which ones they’d like to get less.


Recycle, Upcycle, Remove: Home Expert Awards

For the vast majority of homeowners, clutter is a huge problem. Sometimes it feels like your home is being invaded by junk, and the junk is multiplying. You know you should throw it away, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. What are you supposed to do with that old, out-of-date TV? Do you throw it away? Recycle it? Donate it to a secondhand store? Too often, homeowners hang on to old junk simply because they aren’t sure how to get rid of it.


De-cluttering: Home Expert Awards

As any homeowner knows, clutter is one of the biggest obstacles between you and a comfortable, peaceful home. No matter how diligently you clean and sort, there always seems to be a new mess cropping up in an unexpected place. Sometimes it can even feel like you aren’t the one who owns your home–the clutter does! Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Clutter is a problem faced by every home owner, and even our home-building and design experts must contend with it. To help you get a leg up on your messy opposition, we asked our experts for their best advice …


Man Caves: Home Expert Awards

Throughout the decades, housing trends have come and gone, inspiring homeowners to deck out that extra room in all kinds of different ways. Recent years have seen the increased popularity of “man caves”–extra rooms set aside specifically for entertainment. Man caves can feature everything from pool tables and bars to enormous fish tanks or surround-sound home theaters. What goes into a man cave is limited only by the imagination of the homeowner–and the practicalities of construction. We asked our experts about the reality of installing a “man cave,” and what things home owners should be cautious about.

unhappy clients

Unhappy Customers: Home Expert Awards

When you work in a service industry, your clients are the most important part of your business. They are your best commodity, and keeping them happy keeps you afloat. Unfortunately, working with the public isn’t always a walk in the park. Sometimes, you come up against an unhappy client who isn’t satisfied with your work. How do you handle a dissatisfied customer? We asked our experts for their advice on dealing with an unhappy client, and how to know when to compromise, when to concede, and when to walk away.

green tips

Going Green in 2013: Expert Awards

Helping protect our environment and preserving our planet for the next generation is one of the most important tasks facing us today. Sometimes it can seem like a daunting challenge, but individual homeowners can do their part by going green in both big and small ways. In 2013, homeowners are more environmentally aware than ever, which is why we have turned to our experts for find out what changes people are making to their routines this year. The subject of going green is near and dear to many of our experts