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World Plumbing Day: Home Expert Awards

Monday was World Plumbing Day—a day dedicated to understanding and appreciating how good plumbing and easy access to clean water make our lives happier and healthier. In the spirit of the occasion, we turned to our experts to find out which other everyday amenities and modern conveniences homeowners take for granted. Whether it’s water in the pipes, a roof over their heads, or not waking up to bugs in the bed, modern homeowners are able to live comfortably.

We gave our experts a chance to tell us which vital services are offered that homeowners might be unaware of. We hope this will encourage homeowners to appreciate how blessed we are to live in a modern society.

Below, we’ve compiled a few of the helpful answers our experts provided. Check back later in the week for a follow-up article, summarizing everyday housing elements that we tend to take for granted as a society.

What everyday housing elements do people take for granted?

What small changes can people make to extend the lives of these essential housing elements?

How can homeowners better show appreciation for the men and women who keep their houses running?

Most Inspiring

Greg Chick

Water is the most taken for granted by a long shot. Not only is it taken for granted, but it is demanded. As a repair plumber, when I tell a customer I need to turn off the water for an hour or so, they exclaim "for how long?" I reply, I said just for an hour or so. In a panic they say, " Yea, but when is it going to be turned back on?" A half hour later they ask "how much longer?", almost as if it were air and they were choking. Apartment buildings are the worst, I spend more time explaining how much longer to each tenant than I do plumbing read more

Greg’s comment is inspiring because it helps illustrate why we need events like World Plumbing Day. It’s so easy to forget how lucky we are to have modern conveniences like cheap tap water.

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Most Creative

Well, being in the pest control industry I can tell you the number one thing that people do take for granted is being pest free. Once a house is infested with mice, roaches, rats or even worse, bed bugs, the home owner begins to understandably act frantic. When I am done treating the customers premises I instruct them on what they can further do to prevent pests entering the home. The best advice is for the customer to take that advice and act on it, so their home does not become infested again at a later date. -Joe read more

We like Joseph’s comment because it offers a suggestion for how homeowners can both show appreciation and help protect their homes. Just listening to advice from home professionals can save you a big headache in the long run.

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Most Insightful

Many times homeowners forget routine mainenance which costs them a lot of money in the long run. If they would just change the filter, the furnace might work or if they would clean their gutters a couple of times a year they would not have costly water intrusion into their home read more

John’s comment offers insight into what homeowners can do to help maintain all of the things they take for granted. He illustrates how just a little bit of prevention can go a long way.

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Most Articulate

One of the elements that are now often required by code to be in useful numbers and conveniently located are electrical outlets. Here are two fun extremes I have encountered. My house was built in 1856 by a famous Texas Ranger. The walls are stone and 2 feet thick. When my wife and I began restoring it years ago, putting in electricity in general and especially electrical outlets was a major challenge read more

We found Pablo’s comment helpful because it identifies another oft-ignored staple of modern life: electricity. Where would we be in a house without sockets?

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Most Informative

I can say that both plumbing and sewer are always taken for granted. If home owners would have their main sewer lines roded on a preventive maintenance they wouldn't have sewage back up that I have seen do major damage to carpet and wood floors. This is also a cause for very unsanitary conditions when this happens. When it comes to garbage disposals home owners should run lots of hot water after grinding up items. This will flush the lines of debris that lay on the bottom of your pipes leading to needing roded read more

Edward’s comment is great because it points out the dirtier side of plumbing—and why World Plumbing Day is doubly important. Without healthy, well-maintained sewers, we put ourselves at serious risk of illness.

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