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When you’re running a business, it can be easy to get in over your head if you don’t know where to turn for help. Nobody’s business exists in a vacuum, and you often find yourself needing to work with other professionals, or asking for advice from someone more experienced. Nobody knows everything, and knowing where to find reliable information, and good materials, is incredibly important if your company is going to succeed in the long run.

We wanted to know what resources our experts turn to when they need advice, tools, or materials that aren’t so easy to find. They came back with a wide variety of resources, and suggestions for how others might utilize them in their own businesses. Below, we’ve collected some of their best comments.

What are your favorite home improvement resources?

Who do you turn to when you’re stumped by a project?
Are there any popular apps or websites that you like? How about ones you don’t like?
Where do you find specialty materials? Are there any companies you recommend for hard-to-find tools or supplies?

Most Inspiring

"Social media is another great way to establish connection with others that may do what you. Following blogs are another great resource that can establish authority among a specific trade or service. The good thing about all this is you’re never really alone, so you can always reach out for help in so many places." read more

We found Mark's comment inspiring because it helps highlight a sense of community within the industry, especially through online sources. The internet is full of information and not all of it gets fact-checked, but that doesn't mean you can't find good information there. Finding specific blogs or businesses online that you trust can go a long way toward helping you when you're in a tight spot and need some advice.

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Most Creative

"Since I’m part of this industry I have a terrific team of people to work with, for a homeowner I would suggest learning more about a product and then finding out if there is a local representative or even e-mail the manufacturer with questions. Usually they will put you together with a knowledgeable person that works with their products." read more

We liked Nancy's comment because it offers something specific that homeowners can do to access information about a product when they need advice. Often, we forget that there are people on the other end of everything, whether it's product creation or customer service, and sometimes just reaching out to the source of a problem is the fastest way to get the information you need to solve it.

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Most Insightful

"For installation help, I use YouTube. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless." read more

Josh's comment highlights a wonderful resource that many people don't think about. YouTube is known for silly cat videos, but it is also an excellent resource for tutorials and education. If you're not sure how to do an installation, watching a few online tutorials on YouTube can help give you a better idea of what you're working with and how to make sure everything goes right.

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Most Articulate

"Internet wise, there are dozens of websites that lend advice and give tips to Home Improvement professionals. But I think we’re all still struggling to find the most reliable, credible resources. Personally, I find a lot of inspiration and answers on as well as" read more

As Katie reminds us, when it comes to finding resources that you trust and can count on, everybody has different preferences and requirements. What works for her might not work for you, and so you should take any recommended sites with a grain of salt. The Internet is a great resource, but you have to make sure you're using it in a way that advantages you, and not just the way that you think someone else would use it. But that doesn't mean you can't share tips about your favorite sites, like Katie did!

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Most Informative

"Online is a good source, but keeping local is “Green” or smart to reduce environmental impact. The USGBC LEED rating system has points just for that very thing. Buying products made in China are contrary to this point. " read more

Greg's comment was full of very specific, helpful information about where to find good resources in the plumbing industry, but we especially liked his advice about buying local. The Internet makes everything so easy that sometimes we forget about resources closer to home, which might be better both for you and for the environment and the community that you live in. Make sure you aren't over-looking helpful resources in your community, and always maintain positive business relationships with other locals! You never know when you might need their help.

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