Designing with Debate: Home Expert Awards

A designer is expected to transform a person’s home into a space that is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing. To do this, they use a massive arsenal of tools. Colors, textures, architectural styles, accessories, décor, and light are just a few examples. Designers see a home as a blank canvas and work to create a masterpiece.

acting green

Choosing Green Favorites: Home Expert Awards

Most experts agree that going green should involve a combination of green products and green behavior. With this unified effort, homeowners can expect the biggest gains for their wallet and for the environment. For those who are just starting to make the transition into green living, we wanted to find out which change will have a more significant impact.

stay cool

Creative Cooling: Home Expert Awards

This year’s Farmers’ Almanac is predicting an exceptionally hot summer for most of the country. Already, across the Midwest and the South we’re seeing temperatures jump up into the 80s and 90s. For many homeowners in these areas, battling summer heat often means cranking up the A/C. Unfortunately, the price of air conditioning is high. Large A/C units that run non-stop throughout the day can severely increase monthly utilities bills, leaving many with difficult budget decisions.

managing projects

Building Home Improvement Teams: Home Expert Awards

May is National Home Remodeling month and many homeowners are responding by gearing up for big projects. When faced with a more complex remodel, hiring a team of experienced professionals is often necessary. Whether you need a plumber and a designer for a new shower installation or an electrician and a carpenter to create a new home theater center, an expert team is your best bet for jobs that require more than one specialty.


Sustainable Materials: Home Expert Awards

Sustainable building materials represent the future of home improvement, in large part because of their positive impact on the environment. According to a recent industry report, “commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of greenhouse gas emissions.” Through greater use of sustainable materials, professionals and consumers can reduce waste and help protect our valuable natural resources.

Social media

Social Media Success: Home Expert Awards

Social media offers professionals a unique chance to connect with potential clients. It’s a casual and friendly way to promote your business and showcase your most valuable services. While the benefits are obvious, it’s not always clear how home improvement professionals can use social media to improve their business.


Recession Survival: Home Expert Awards

Business is never constant for anyone, but the last few years have proven especially challenging for the home improvement industry. A slumping housing market, lack of new construction, and a cash-strapped customer base have made it hard to find new jobs. Professionals who stayed in business had to come up with creative, and sometimes difficult, solutions. To find out how businesses weathered the storm, we turned to our panel of home improvement experts.

home show

Conquering Home Shows: Home Expert Awards

Home shows present unique opportunities for both consumers and professionals looking to get inspired, make connections and discover new trends. When a home show comes to your neighborhood, it’s important to know how to approach your visit. With so many things to do and people to meet, it’s a good idea to have a plan.

project pride

Project Pride: Home Expert Awards

We spend a lot of time discussing specific aspects of the home improvement business. Every other week, we ask our network of professionals to solve new problems by culling from their own experience in the industry and they never let us down.

happy customers

The Value of Regular Customers: Home Expert Awards

In a perfect world, customers and professionals would be matched like puzzle pieces; pairing the ideas and needs of one with the expert skills of the other, but that doesn’t always happen. Difficulty communicating, restrictive budgets and poor service can ruin the potential for future work. So, when professionals and clients are well matched, it pays to maintain those relationships.