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Innovative Home Technologies: Home Expert Awards

Home improvement professionals rely on tools specific to their trade to help them get through any job they may encounter. With advances in technology, it’s no surprise that cutting-edge tools are emerging to make old jobs easier and new jobs possible.

We wanted to find out what new tools and technologies are exciting home improvement professionals. So, we asked our panel of experts to tell us about their favorite new gadgets and gizmos.

Our experts had strong opinions about their favorite industry innovations. Below, you’ll find the answers we thought best showcased a wide range of new tools. Check back in for a comprehensive overview of even more home improvement technologies that are changing the face of the industry.

What are Your Favorite New Home Improvement Technologies?

Do you have a favorite new gadget that you now consider essential?

What type of technology do you find most useful (software, tools, communication devices, etc.)?

Are there any new technologies that you are excited for to come out?

How have new technologies changed the way you do your job?

Are there new tools or technologies that are particularly bad?

Most Inspiring

"Online tools and mobile apps have made it much easier to do just about everything related to decorating and design. They make my presentations more accurate and professional, and they save me lots of prep time.

My favorites:

Autodesk HomeStyler: Lets me create realistic room layouts and 3D elevations.

Olioboard: I can design moodboards using practically any item I find online and it can be printed out with a shopping list.

Houzz: A great site for getting ideas and inspiration.

I just found out about MagicPlan, an iPhone app that lets you take accurate measurements for floor plans using the phone's camera; I'm just waiting for the Android version!" read more

We liked Jill's comment because she gave great examples of specific apps that professionals are using to help a client realize their dream design.

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Most Creative

"Emerging technologies have changed the way businesses have conducted themselves for thousands of years, yet in the digital age the change is much more rapid. As a real estate broker and late Gen X-er, technology runs through my veins though one technology is undisputedly handy.

The camera has to be the technology in which I leverage and lean on the most. Though cameras aren't breakthrough technology, the high-definition wide-angle camera is.

I use a GoPro sports camera to create video tours of listings, personal property tours for out of state/country clients, and area tours. The GoPro has auto-focus and auto-exposure, truly making it a point and shoot video camera that saves time and produces high-quality results. The videos are then uploaded to YouTube and shared with out-of-state clients as well as through social media outlets for additional advertising exposure and lead generation.

I believe in using technology, even if it's not marketed to a specific industry as apps and tools can be, as a way to differentiate yourself from other real estate brokers and gain exposure." read more

Toby's comment showed us how traditional realtor tools, like cameras, are getting updated to match the abilities of other technologies, including streaming HD video.

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Most Insightful

"I am sorry to say it is none other than my iPhone. I use the phone to answer calls, send e-mails, and record job dates in my calendar. I can set alarms to remind me of meetings and use the notes function to store details about job sites. Maps and GPS allow me to find new work locations and the recorder helps me take notes on new client meetings. I can jump on the internet to show customers product options and when working, I use the camera to document our progress. All of these features are in a compact, sync-able tool and I have not even gotten into third-party apps yet!" read more

Greg's comment is unique because it highlights how important smartphones are to the home improvement industry and not just for plumbers, but for any professional who needs a wide range of digital tools in the field.

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Most Articulate

"Our favorite gadget isn't new, it's the internet, but wow is it rapidly advancing with amazing applications specific to our industry!

Of course, the design industry has been impacted tremendously by computer-assisted design in the last decade, it's hard to believe we actually did the same type of work we do today without all the tech tools we now have at our disposal. However, we've begun passing some of that technology along to our clients in the form of point-and-click space planning tools. Our clients now have the ability to log on our website and work on their space with a consumer-friendly version of the type of software we use. If you haven't seen this you can experience the planning tool here. This helps us expedite the planning process by seeing the plan that exists in the mind of our clients before we begin to help shape and improve upon their vision. Tools like this also enable us to collaborate with clients- sometimes in a different city or location- a huge advancement with great potential for growing our business in ways we would never have imagined just a few years ago." read more

Jason's comment effectively explains how technology is bridging the gap between consumers and professionals, allowing them to communicate on a more direct level.

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Most Informative

"I believe social media has made connecting with prospective customers much easier because we have the ability to connect with them with a softer approach. Social media allows us to share what is going on with our company, our customers and our products. If people have questions or concerns they feel free and open to ask. They don't feel as though we are going to push them into a consultation with us, and that is not our end goal. Our goal is to build a relationship with the public as a trusted home remodeler and let them come to us when they are ready to speak about their projects." read more

Lindsey's comment helps us understand an overlooked benefit of social media campaigns. Through outlets like Facebook and Twitter, professionals are made more approachable and can better relationships with clients.

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