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Home Expert Awards: Dream Projects

Whatever part you belong to, the home improvement business is a creative one. It’s about building things and making a house into the best home it can be, whether that’s through layout, better lighting, improved plumbing, or figuring out how to get rid of the pest problem without causing problems elsewhere. Given this creativity, it’s no surprise that our experts have their own ideas about what dream projects they’d like to do, but maybe haven’t had the chance. That’s why we asked them to share those dream projects with us!

What would your dream project look like?

Have you ever seen an installation/design and desperately wanted to try doing it yourself?

If money were no object, what would your own housing setup look like?

What’s the most interesting or creative project you have gotten to do?

Most Inspiring

We are fortunate to have been able to build all of this ourselves and with the help of our sub-contractors. When I say ourselves I really do mean it. My husband shingled the entire addition, I stained it and we insulated and painted too. I did the design and project management and we had an architect we work with engineer the structure for us. read more

When it comes to dream projects, Nancy Dalton reminds us that reaching the end-product is only half the goal. Getting to do the work yourself, the way you want it done, is part of the fun. It's one of the biggest perks in being a home industry professional--you can use your professional skills and connections in your personal life, without having to trust someone else to do it for you like the average homeowner must.

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Most Creative dream concept was to have a Hot Tub that was about 1/4 inside, and 3/4 outside (on the deck) of the Master Bedroom. The idea was to have sliding glass doors to separate inside from outside.... Now imagine that it’s -30F, on a cold winter day, and after a hard day at work, you are able to change into your swimsuit in the comfort of your bedroom, ease into the 104F water of the Spa, and then open the doors and go outside to enjoy the crisp cool air, and never once be cold! read more

We love this idea from Terry Peterman! It's a totally unique concept, well-suited to his native Alberta, Canada, and full of interesting challenges. Maybe someday this creative concept will be a reality!

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Most Insightful

External design is charming but important elements like water softeners and filtration systems make a home seem more like a sanctuary. read more

We loved Kahshanna Evans' relaxation-focused dream design for her home, but it was this comment that really caught our eye. Things like water softeners are often the first to get cut from a budget, because they aren't "necessary" and can cost a lot, but they can also be the difference between a high-quality living space and true luxury.

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Most Informative

If given the opportunity to build a home with no limits, we would love to build an ultra-energy efficient home. All of the homes we currently build are ENERGY STAR certified.... However, there are many other alternatives available to increase the energy efficiency of a home. Because energy efficient products and technologies are often more expensive than traditional materials, many people only opt for a couple alternatives at a time. read more

We liked Grand View Builder's dream concept because it couples creativity with eco-conscious. It's a sad truth that being environmentally friendly can sometimes break a budget, but in an ideal world, everybody would have maximum energy efficiency. Keep pursuing that dream!

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