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Future Home Industry: Home Expert Awards

Like most industries, the home improvement business is rapidly changing in today’s technology-heavy world. From social media and global communication to innovations in tools and technologies, advancements are changing the way home improvement professionals do business, and this will continue happening into the future. To get a better idea of what home improvement might look like in ten or twenty years, we asked our home experts to share their visions of the future, and tell us what their plans are to keep up with a changing industry. Here are some of their comments.

What does the future look like for home improvement?

Are there any emerging technologies that are important?

What issues facing today’s experts will the future offer solutions for?

How do you see green technology featuring in the industry’s future?

What plans do you have to adapt your business to a changing world?

Most Inspiring

Automation seems to be what people are the most interested in. So called “smart homes” have everything from high tech security systems, appliances and comfort control that can be operated and programmed from smart phones to tablets. In the pest control industry this is no different. ... Knowing when a rat has been caught in an attic by way of a silent signal sent to the technician, can eliminate the odor issues associated with a trap that may not be checked for days, now can be responded to in a timely manner. read more

Mark's comment highlights one of the most popular trends in home improvement technology advancement, and applies it to his industry specifically. Automation holds a lot of potential for the future, and things like remote alerts have a lot of applications in areas other than security.

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Most Creative

If I could invent and patent one technology it would be a drawer with a bottom that allows all items in it to re-charge without any cords, just put them away at night. read more

We liked Nancy's comment because it gives us just one creative example of how future technology could improve our lives. Ideas like hers are going to be commonplace soon, and each one will improve our lives in some small way. This inspires us to try to think of our own small ideas for technological improvements!

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Most Insightful

With 10,000 baby boomers reaching age 65 every day and living longer, homes designed with Universal Design principles that work well for anyone regardless of age or ability will be in high demand. Digital sensors and telehealth technologies are making it possible to age-in-place and avoid the high costs of institutional care, but the homes need to accommodate the needs of older residents (or visitors). read more

Wayne's comment offers insight into how current demographics are going to affect the focus of home improvement technologies in the future. Innovations always stem from existing problems, and a large aging population is one of the biggest demographics currently buying houses and remodeling existing ones. Their needs are going to be a huge market driver in the future, meaning lots of innovations designed to cater to their needs.

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Most Articulate

One of the most exciting technologies is the type you see on TV shows like Property Brothers, where they can take an existing space, and show you exactly what it will look like when the rehab is done. ... I would imagine that many issues occur because what is said does not match what is done. This type of technology offers pretty close to a “real world” look at the work being done, and could change the way many contractors do business.

Of course, for now it is probably expensive, and takes a computer expert or designer to use it properly, but like most technology it will probably become mainstream in no time. This could be very exciting for both homeowner & contractor! read more

Kris gives us an excellent example of a technology that already exists in the home improvement industry that is only going to gain traction as it becomes cheaper and easier to use. Computers are a wonderful resource no matter what industry you're in, and using digital rendering and graphics for blueprints is just one excellent example of how they could save homeowners and contractors alike a lot of time and money in the future.

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Most Informative

There are two trends which are converging in the home improvement industry: an aging baby boomer population and a young population with a preference for urban, walkable environments. Urban homes, green or “healthy” homes, smaller homes and walkable neighborhoods with strong public transportation are attractive to both groups. read more

Katie's comment highlights a home buying trend that many people might not think about when they're thinking about home improvement. The location of a house, and where people tend to live, affects the future of the home industry as much as changing technologies do. If people start to concentrate on building smaller, greener, more easily accessible homes, that means that the home improvement industry is going to start developing more green technologies and designs that are more compact and accessible. The industry will evolve to accommodate the market!

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