This email came from the state Department of Labor & Industries:”Any food going down the drain, along with extra friends and relatives, can put your plumbing system into overload.”

Makes sense, then, that the day after a holiday is one the busiest times of the year for plumbing contractors. If you are in need of a plumber, the Department of Labor & Industries advises Washington homeowners to choose carefully.

“Not all plumbers are created equal,” said Bruce Springer, Technical Specialist of Plumber Certification at L&I. “Professional plumbers have specialized training and certification from the state.”

To get your pipes working again, L&I advises homeowners to do the following:

· Before a plumber starts work on your home, ask to see his state license declaring him a certified residential or journeyman plumber.

· Ensure the company the plumber is working for is registered with the state as a general contractor or a specialty plumbing contractor. You can look up any plumbing contractor using the contractor look up tool on the L&I homepage. Contractor registration ensures the company is bonded and insured, should something go wrong with the job.

· Those learning the plumbing trade must maintain an active trainee card. Plumber trainees are required to be supervised by a certified plumber while on the job, which means they shouldn’t be sent out to jobs alone.

It’s also a good idea to get your bid in writing before work starts to avoid any issue with payment or what the contractor is getting paid to do.

Fischer Plumbing is a licensed and bonded contractor in the state of Washington. If you are looking for a Seattle Plumber, contact Fischer Plumbing today.

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