workers compensationHead and spinal injuries are very serious and may require lifelong care.

When these injuries occur as a direct result of negligence, it is imperative to seek a competent attorney who can assist you in your claim for damages.

Automobile, boating, and bicycling accidents, and medical malpractice are only a few of the ways you can suffer a head or spinal injury.

If you are injured and believe that the injury was due to negligence you should seek counsel immediately. In these situations, it is also important not to sign any papers, including insurance papers, until you have had the chance to speak with your attorney.

It may be confusing dealing with an insurance company adjuster, and if you make a misstatement this could later affect your change for compensation.

It might seem attractive to take immediate cash settlement, but in most cases, it could take months (and possibly years) after the accident to determine the true extent of your injuries.

The best strategy, and the one that protects your interests, is to hire an attorney.