Hanging electrical wires can cause a fire hazard as well as personal injury.

Hanging wires can actually cause a fire or electrical shock if the current reaches you.

If you have to hang wires throughout the basement up by the rafters, you need to secure them properly to avoid possible damage.

How to Secure Wires
Securing wires is not done with a bent nail in the rafters.

Use the right fasteners to secure the wiring to the rafters in the proper areas. Do not pull on the wires when securing them. Leave a little slack so you do not damage the wires inside. Do not hammer the nail through the wiring.

If you are using the plastic fastener with two small nails on each side, you want the size to fit the wires. The wire needs to fit into the middle of the fastener and have enough clearance for the width and the height of the wire when secured.

It’s always best to hire a professional, licensed, insured electrician to do electrical wiring.

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