The Eco Consulting field offers a number of excellent opportunities for individuals seeking to acquire the skills and talents necessary to succeed in the emerging “green economy”.

This, according to the San Diego-based Eco Institution, a leading environmental education firm.

But can Eco Consultants actually earn enough income to make the training and creation of an Eco Consulting practice worthwhile? Indeed, they can.

Becoming a certified Eco Consultant can serve as a platform for a wide variety of income-earning opportunities—from part-time assignments that supplement one’s main income stream to an eventual full-time job. As Eco Consulting is a relatively new profession, there is little concrete data that documents earning patterns from this line of business over time.

However, field surveys suggest that Eco Consultants can earn anywhere from an estimated $75 to $250 per home or workplace audit, or from a few to several hundred dollars per day depending upon the number of clients and jobs that they have. These numbers can increase substantially for Eco Consultants who train and hire employees, and who build a multi-employee Eco Consulting firm.

To learn more about the Eco Consulting profession—and to receive a limited-time, $1000 savings on training—please visit the Eco Institution’s web site at