Every day, a new green product hits the market that promises to protect the environment more and make our utilities bills less expensive. At the same time, researchers are constantly performing new studies on how we use those products. These studies help us identify how we can be more energy efficient with changes in our behavior. In many ways, going green comes down to nothing more than our acts and our appliances.

Why We’re Asking:

Your energy-efficient washer may use less water and power, but that doesn’t matter if you wash your sheets every morning. Likewise, making sure all your lights are turned off when you leave the house is great, but not so great if you also have a collection of antique chandeliers, lit with incandescent light bulbs.

Homeowners are constantly wondering how to go green. The best answer usually involves a combination of behaviors and products, but we want to play devil’s advocate. If a green expert had to choose only one solution, what would it be?

So green experts, your turn to weigh in:

What’s more important: green behavior or green products?

Is it more important to make sure lights are shut off when not in use or to make sure that you are using LEDs instead of incandescents?
Can a quicker shower make a bigger difference than a low-flow shower head?
Are some appliances more important to update while others make more of a difference when used correctly?

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