Gas Hot Water Heater Repair: What You Should Know


Gas hot water heater repair doesn’t have to be costly. The cost really depends on the proper maintenance and attention to the first signs of trouble. The age of your hot water heater is also an important factor to take into consideration.

If your hot water heater is beyond its warranty, small problems need to be addressed immediately and regular maintenance is a must.

Failure to take proper care of an aging gas hot water heater will lead to expensive repairs or replacement.

If you find that the water isn’t hot enough for you or that there doesn’t seem to be enough hot water for everyone to take a shower, there are a number of solutions. No hot water at all may mean that the pilot light has gone out. You need to check it out.

If you smell gas, leave the house immediately and call your gas company or a licensed plumber. Do flip any light switches or do anything else that could create a spark.

If the water isn’t hot enough, and the pilot light is lit, check the temperature setting on the tank to make sure the temperature is set high enough.

Another common problem is a tank that is simply too small for the size of your family. Your water heater should hold 15 gallons per family member. If your water heater capacity is too small, you will have little choice but to upgrade. However, current models are more energy efficient than older models so you can expect to see savings over the long run.

If you find standing water around your hot water heater call a plumber immediately. There are a number of reasons why this may have happened and a professional plumber will be able to let you know if it is something as simple as replacing a pressure relief valve or if it is a more severe problem like a cracked or damaged tank.