When it comes to your roof, fire safety is a must.

The materials used for your roof must be fire resistant and have a rating that indicates the safety and protection the roof will provide.

Regardless of the type of roof you choose to have installed, it is important to understand fire resistance ratings and choose your roof accordingly.

There are three fire resistance ratings — Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A offers the highest protection from fire while Class C offers the least amount of protection. The roofing materials are tested on the basis that they can withstand fire that comes from an outside origin.

Because the potential for hazard is so great, there are many regulations placed upon these materials to ensure that they will withstand a fire.

Materials that have earned a Class A fire resistance rating will withstand serious exposure to fire without breaking, cracking, or warping.

Class B materials have a moderate ability to withstand exposure to fire while Class C materials have a light ability to withstand exposure to fire.

It is important to choose your roofing materials according to the amount of fire resistance that you need. When considering installing a new roof, be sure to discuss fire resistance ratings with the roofing contractor.

In addition to fire resistance ratings, roofing materials also carry a wind resistance rating as well. To qualify for a wind resistant rating, the roofing materials must endure several tests and prove that they can withstand wind conditions for up to two hours without moving or responding to the wind.

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