Company Spotlight:

Every so often, eLocal will showcase a business that can be of additional value to its contractors.

This month we are proud to announce our new partnership with Green Jobs Ready, an online resource for contractors to find and post green jobs.

Green Jobs: Find Green Contractor Jobs, Post Job Openings, and Receive Green Training

Green Jobs Ready provides comprehensive information about employment opportunities in the green industry. Whether you are a contractor searching for a job, an employer needing to bring on great talent, or a professional looking to break into the green space, Green Jobs Ready can be your guide. Its main goal is to keep you informed about the green economy and how you can get involved. If you are looking for answers to the following questions, you can find the answer at Green Jobs Ready.

Where are the green jobs? Green Jobs Ready has an extensive list of new jobs that can be filtered by job type and location. It posts about 500+ new jobs a day, with a huge emphasis on jobs for contractors. Not looking for a full-time job, but want to increase your projects and leads? Contractors can find green projects posted by homeowners, too.

How do I find job seekers who are looking for green jobs? Not only is Green Jobs Ready a source for job seekers, but it is also a portal where employers can find new talent. Do you have a job opening that needs to be filled by a quality green contractor? Post your job description on Green Jobs Ready and have prospective employees contact you. Or browse resumes to find the perfect candidate.

Where can I post my green job resume? Whether you want to improve your chances of finding a green job or just want to put your name out to professionals in the green space, Green Jobs Ready lets you post your resume and create a custom profile to attract employers.

What’s the latest news regarding green jobs? Green Jobs Ready doesn’t just post jobs, it gives you insight into the industry as a whole. Recognizing trends and staying up to date with green news will improve your chances of landing a green job. Green Jobs Ready has a green blog and various green articles to keep you informed about the industry.

Where do I train for green jobs? Training is essential to break into the green industry. Green Jobs Ready has a comprehensive guide to the certifications needed. It even has its own training courses through its partner Boots on the Roof. The classes can be taken online or at the Boots on the Roof campus in California. The different courses it offers are: Master Certificate in Renewable Energy, Solar Photovoltaic Certification, Online Solar Photovoltaic Training, Online Wind Training, Biofuels Training, and Geothermal Training. Trying to decide if solar training is right for you? Clean and alternative energy jobs pay 10%-20% more than similar work not using green practices.

I am a homeowner with a home improvement project. Where can I find a green contractor? Green Jobs Ready hasn’t forgotten about homeowners looking to hire green professionals. Simply register and customize your listing to start attracting local green contractors.

For more information and to start looking for green jobs, visit